Surgery Cancelled!

Aimi’s kidney removal booked for tomorrow has been cancelled due to an infection she got over the weekend. They cannot risk such major surgery if she is trying to fight off an infection.

It was over the weekend where nurses noticed Aimi was not as ‘vocal’ as normal, when the ran the usual blood pressure and blood tests. They were concerned so ran a check on her blood and it came back flagged as an infection present. They are unsure where the infection is coming from, so yesterday, ran a more in-depth blood check to see. They guess that it is something to do with bile and is connected to the kidney disease.

At the same time, they noticed that things have taken a turn for the worse with kidney function. They and we are hoping that it is just temporary due to this infection and/or due to blood pressure drop. Aimi has had, since birth, significant high blood pressure for a baby. Over the last few days, this has been more controlled and has been as low as 86 (I read that a healthy month old baby is around 80), while that is good, it affects kidney function. I think it is something to do with blood flow to the kidney area.

Aimi’s creatinine levels have always been high due to the failing kidneys but since blood pressure drop and infection, they have been in the 180 mark. The higher the creatinine levels, the lower the kidney function. Very low creatinine level signifies good kidney function.

It was hoped that Aimi would have one kidney out and hopefully get some function from the remaining kidney to keep her off dialysis for a while. Due to these blood results, that may no longer be the case.

She is unable to have peritoneal dialysis right now as there just isn’t room in her distended belly, at least at the moment with both kidneys. If she does have that kidney out, they still may be unable to do peritoneal dialysis due to the wound site recovering from kidney removal. Whether there is both kidneys, one or none, this only leaves the other more invasive form of dialysis called haemodialysis. This is seldom ran on a baby of her age but may end up being an only option.

The doctors believe that Aimi is only on around 10% kidney function in total. This is severe kidney failure.

We need that creatinine level to come down as to not increase blood pressure too much and her to fight off this infection. She has been put back on to a drip with anti-biotic. GOSH were actually in the process of elevating her BP by taking her off one of the meds in the hope to see a fall in creatinine.

This bad blood level may be connected with this infection, so we hope it can return back to a more stable level at some point soon, if this infection can be fought off.



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