Worry week!

This week starts a new week of worry (like there is any difference these days) as Aimi has a Kidney removal booked for this Wednesday, as mentioned a few posts ago. The scary medical term is unilateral nephrectomy.

Today, she has also been diagnosed with some sort of infection and has been put back on a drip pumping in some antibiotics. We are unaware of where the infection is coming  from but more than likely down to the very large cystic kidneys, so that was a bit of bad timing. We’re not sure yet if the infection will mean waiting longer for kidney removal but nothing has been altered as of yet.

Please send over prayers and positive thoughts this Wednesday to help Aimi get through the surgery and to keep her free from these infections.

imageHere is a picture of Aimi taken during last week, that was posted on instagram. This is one of my favourites as it shows her expressive face.

We also cleared a thousand pounds on the JustGiving page last night (Thank you Garry) so a huge thanks to everyone that donated on that first £1,000!



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