Low Thyroid and other Kidney!

Firstly, many apologies for not updating the blog recently, have been finding it hard lately to ‘put pen to paper’, but will try and keep it updated more often. We hadn’t realised just how many people visit to read new posts until it hadn’t been updated for a few weeks.

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aimo_site01So now the Aimi update. She has been doing okay on Hemodialysis which cleanses the toxins from her blood and removes the excess fluid. GOSH were trying to get her into a routine lately of a three time a week session, but she has been occasionally puffing up a bit so she has been in for sessions more often. They hope to get to a point where it can be done on a three times a week routine. This is with the view that once she can come home, she will visit there three times a week without puffing up too much in between.

Aimi still has excess fluid in her tummy from where the removed kidney was and this is taking some time to be reabsorbed back into her blood stream. Hemo will eventually take this out via her blood when it absorbs, so at the moment, there isn’t a true idea of how much fluid she will put on with feeds.

aimo_site03A few weeks ago, Aimi was showing symptoms of a low under-active thyroid (this can be common with kidney problems) and so she was checked out. The result came back that Aimi’s Thyroid was showing very low and she is now on Thyroxine, where I believe, it has returned to a normal level. Although low thyroid is apparently quite manageable, its just another ailment to add to the list. She had two heel pricks tests which showed it as fine on two occasions at two hospitals, so it may have been something that came on after the kidney was removed.

On the subject of Kidneys (or now Kidney) it has been decided at Great Ormond Street, that Aimi will have her other remaining Kidney removed too. This could happen in a few weeks. Although she seems better since the first Kidney was removed, the consultants believe she will do even better and be more manageable without the other remaining diseased Kidney. Belief is that her BP will really settle down and even be able to get off the Thyroxine med. So it will be back to another ‘Worry Week’ soon at Surgery time!

aimo_site04Although Aimi’s belly is still distended with the remaining Kidney plus fluid, her scar from the last Kidney removal has healed really well and returning back to more skin colour already. To give her some dignity, we have chosen not to add any pictures of this, but it is quite amazing just how quick it has healed. Let’s hope the next Kidney removal can go the same way!

As we haven’t updated the blog for a little while, I will scatter some recent pictures from¬† the last week or two on the post, and will try not to leave it as long next time. Thanks for all your continued prayers and support! It really means a lot!




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