Kidney Removal

Over the last couple of days, various things have been mentioned by the docs about removing one or both of Aimi’s kidneys.

A plan is now in place of removing one of Aimi’s kidneys and they hope that the remaining kidney can give some function, at least to last a while, hopefully until transplant. They feel dialysis at this early stage is too much.

Her blood levels are remaining borderline and due to her belly being so big due to the large kidneys, its hard for her to keep food down. They also mention that the size is causing her discomfort and she gets grumpy.

Taking out one of the kidneys will bring her blood pressure down, make her belly smaller and free up some of her stomach so she can digest food and put on some weight. This way she can catch up on growth gain of babies around this age.

The surgery may be in the next few weeks and only been performed a few times over the last few years at GOSH. We were always aware since pregnancy that this may be the route and if it helps Aimi, it needs to be done. The surgery is popular in the U.S. but over in the U.K, it is not as common.

IMAG0969Please continue prayers for Aimi to get her through and throwing some money at the GOSH JustGiving link on the side there.

….and here is a picture of her from yesterday!



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