GOSH Donations

We want to thank you for all the recent donations to Great Ormond Street via Aimi’s JustGiving page. The total is just now short of £1400. Its at 98 donations, so it would be great to get to the 100 mark soon.

A massive thanks to David Willoughby, VG, Patricia Slade, the donators from The Shed End and Old Skool Ford, Sarah Dean, Scott MacLean, Kevin Walton, David Evans, Jeff from Waters & Stanton, James McNamara, Edward Donovan, Shed End – Adam, Sean ‘Scooby’ Vranch, Sally Saddington, Simon Grima, Danielle Vaughan, Wriggleman, Joe Northall, Kevin Walker, Graham Jones, Mark Barnard, Joan Lammin, TD, Barry White (?), Dave Amber, Alice Page, Lorraine Howard, Micheal Harrison, Kim Trennery, Iain Vernon, Julie Aldridge, Sam Kinnel, Lisa Pearce, Amy Elston, Michelle Sansom and Rachel Maudsley. A thanks also to the anonymous donations also received, as well as regular donators, Aileen and Garry.

Some of the donations above were through Richards marathon run, so thanks to Richard for that, mentioned here too. We have received an email from GOSH thanking Richard! They also have said how well Aimi’s JustGiving page has done and send their thanks for all the donations coming in.

A special mention also to Aiden and Ben who ran a fund-raiser charity at their school and donated it through the JustGiving page.

So again, a massive thank you to all of you, the donations are obviously put to great use helping sick children at Great Ormond Street.

Aimi sends on her thanks too 🙂




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