Aimi, now minus a Kidney!

After surgery last week was postponed due to an infection, we thought that it may have been scheduled for this week. Nothing was mentioned during the day on Monday, then on Monday night, GOSH said there had been a cancellation for Tuesday afternoon and was going to fit Aimi into that slot.

Aimi was fasted and had dialysis Tuesday morning before going into theatre about 2pm time. The surgeon doing the op was the same one that had performed kidney removal on a boy a while ago, who then was around the same age as Aimi.

The surgery went well (despite complete anxiety meltdown for us) and took a few hours to do. The surgeon said the first part is normally the most dangerous as they have to tie off blood vessels. Aimi coped well during and still fought obstacles. There was a point where they thought they would have to give her complete oxygen on an oscillator as her blood pressure was getting low, but before they could arrange that, her blood pressure raised again.

Aimi was moved into intensive care for recovery and during that night, had a blood transfusion due to low haemoglobin. They said this is quite normal for babies after major surgery. Her fluid stated to build up as expected and on Wednesday, was major puffy. When the kidney was removed, fluid fills this position and then the body absorbs it, giving much more retention than usual (or at least what has been normal for Aimi so far)

To keep a closer eye on the fluid retention, Aimi was kept in ICU for Wednesday and kept on the vent (oxygen during surgery and in ICU) until they planned dialysis early Thursday. By Thursday morning, Aimi was off oxygen, back on dialysis to rid some of that fluid and back up to her old bedroom on the ward.

They are trying to give the remaining kidney a kick-start with some diuretics and Aimi has had a few dribbles of wee since surgery. We hope, although as diseased, the remaining kidney can provide some sort of function. She has quite a scar from surgery. The kidney came out complete and was very big and diseased.

Lets hope she has a quick recovery without too much pain and soreness and the lone kidney can get to work.

Thanks to everyone for prayers and support.

Here is Aimi in her little (slightly unfeminine) gown, awaiting the trip down to surgery.






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