More Thanks!

Again, we cannot believe how many people are showing support and sending over donations to GOSH via our JustGiving page. On last check, the total is a few pence from £750, that is amazing in less than a week.

Thanks to all the recent donations from Tim Wright, Mike93, c3blu2, Andy, Chippy Chris, evissy, Mike Oliver, BJD, Just, Rahul, I-L-2 Munich, Valerie (favourite Dutch person), Gem, Lozzer, bluedave, David, Zeta, Jez George, Nancy Rattner, Alison Davies, Scott, TJB, Claire, G4, Tom, Julie, Dylan, Derek, ‘Julie, Ian, Emily and Sophie’, 2211, ethicalstrategy and Scott from oldskoolford. Also a big thanks to those that donated and chose to remain anonymous.

owenThere is also a big thanks to those that have been raising awareness to ARPKD via Twitter and Facebook. There has been some good re-tweet’s again from Callum Best, Jody Morris, Michael Owen, Shane Mcguigan, TOWIE cast, Lauren Holly and Steve Forrest from Placebo.

Many thanks to everyone! The support is amazing!

If you wish to raise awareness to ARPKD, click back to Home page, and click either the share on Facebook or Tweet buttons in the footer of the website.steve

This will copy in our web address and post it as a news story on your Facebook page or will post a Tweet on your Twitter page. People can then re-tweet or share to their own social network pages.



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