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Last Monday, a surgeon and his team performed a very delicate operation on a near 3 month old baby called Aimi. This was the second kidney removal by the same man and his team of medics in a very short time. This job of saving lives of many babies and children is second nature to someone like this. They are amazing at what they do!

Before and after this sort of surgery, there are a team of nurses working round the clock on 12 hour shifts, caring for these babies and children. Administering medicine, checking BP and stats and even taking the babies out for attention every time they need it! Again, caring is second nature to them and amazing at what they do.

Great Ormond Street relies on donations and funding to keep this work up!

If you are reading this, why not buy Aimi’s surgeon and Nursing Staff some lunch or a drink and go over to JustGiving and add some money to the fund! Its easy to donate and the JustGiving link is on every page on this website! I will even put the click-able link right here.

You don’t even have to visit JustGiving, just pick up your mobile phone, start a new text message to the number 70070 type AIMI92 £5 (or the amount you want to send) then just hit send. The money will come off your balance if you have a top up phone or added to your bill if on contract. Even the text message is free!


There was near a thousand visits to this website, just over the last week, imagine if all these visits just donated a pound to Aimi’s JustGiving fund for GOSH!

Share this on Facebook, Twitter, tell your friends, send the link to people and lets try and get to over £2,000 by the end of summer!

Thank you for your continued support!




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